HITRAN Queries (astroquery.hitran)

Getting started

This module provides an interface to the HITRAN database API. It can download a data file including transitions for a particular molecule in a given wavenumber range. The file is downloaded in the default cache directory ~/.astropy/cache/astroquery/hitran and can be opened with a reader function that returns a table of spectral lines including all accessible parameters.


This will download all transitions of the main isotopologue of water between the wavenumbers of 3400 and 4100 cm-1.

>>> import os
>>> from astroquery.hitran import read_hitran_file, cache_location, download_hitran
>>> download_hitran(1, 1, 3400, 4100)
>>> tbl = read_hitran_file(os.path.join(cache_location, 'H2O.data'))

Transitions are returned as an Table instance.


astroquery.hitran Package

HITRAN Catalog Query Tool

Author:Adam Ginsburg (adam.g.ginsburg@gmail.com)


download_hitran(m, i, numin, numax) Download HITRAN data for a particular molecule.
read_hitran_file(filename[, formats, formatfile])