Source code for astroquery.cosmosim

CosmoSim Database Query Tool
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    Access to all cosmological simulations stored in the CosmoSim database,
    via the uws service.

    :Author: Austen M. Groener <>

from astropy import config as _config

[docs] class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for `astroquery.cosmosim`. """ query_url = _config.ConfigItem( [''], 'CosmoSim UWS query URL.') schema_url = _config.ConfigItem( [''], 'CosmoSim json query URL for generating database schema.') timeout = _config.ConfigItem( 60.0, 'Timeout for CosmoSim query.') username = _config.ConfigItem( "", 'Optional default username for CosmoSim database.')
conf = Conf() from .core import CosmoSim, CosmoSimClass __all__ = ['CosmoSim', 'CosmoSimClass', 'Conf', 'conf']