Source code for astroquery.fermi

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
Access to Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope data.
from astropy import config as _config

[docs] class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for `astroquery.fermi`. """ url = _config.ConfigItem( '', 'Fermi query URL.') timeout = _config.ConfigItem( 60, 'Time limit for connecting to Fermi server.') retrieval_timeout = _config.ConfigItem( 120, 'Time limit for retrieving a data file once it has been located.')
conf = Conf() from .core import FermiLAT, FermiLATClass, GetFermilatDatafile, get_fermilat_datafile __all__ = ['FermiLAT', 'FermiLATClass', 'GetFermilatDatafile', 'get_fermilat_datafile', 'Conf', 'conf', ] import warnings warnings.warn("Experimental: Fermi-LAT has not yet been refactored to have " "its API match the rest of astroquery.")