Source code for astroquery.hips2fits

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
CDS hips2fits Query Tool

:Author: Matthieu Baumann (

This package is for querying the CDS hips2fits service, primarily hosted at:

* (mirror)

Note: If the access to hips2fits was helpful for your research
work, the following acknowledgment would be appreciated::

  This research has made use of the hips2fits, a tool developed at CDS, Strasbourg, France aiming at extracting
  FITS images from HiPS sky maps with respect to a WCS.

from astropy import config as _config

[docs] class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for ``astroquery.template_module``. """ server = _config.ConfigItem( ["", ""], 'Name of the template_module server to use.') timeout = _config.ConfigItem( 30, 'Time limit for connecting to template_module server.')
conf = Conf() from .core import hips2fits, hips2fitsClass __all__ = [ 'hips2fits', 'hips2fitsClass', 'Conf', 'conf', ]