Source code for astroquery.ipac.irsa.core

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

Module to query the IRSA archive.

import warnings
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord, Angle
from astropy import units as u
from astropy.utils.decorators import deprecated_renamed_argument
from pyvo.dal import TAPService
from astroquery import log
from astroquery.query import BaseVOQuery
from astroquery.utils.commons import parse_coordinates
from astroquery.ipac.irsa import conf
from astroquery.exceptions import InvalidQueryError

__all__ = ['Irsa', 'IrsaClass']

[docs] class IrsaClass(BaseVOQuery): def __init__(self): super().__init__() self.tap_url = conf.tap_url self._tap = None @property def tap(self): if not self._tap: self._tap = TAPService(baseurl=self.tap_url, session=self._session) return self._tap
[docs] def query_tap(self, query, *, maxrec=None): """ Send query to IRSA TAP. Results in `~pyvo.dal.TAPResults` format. result.to_qtable in `~astropy.table.QTable` format Parameters ---------- query : str ADQL query to be executed maxrec : int maximum number of records to return Returns ------- result : `~pyvo.dal.TAPResults` TAP query result. result.to_table : `~astropy.table.Table` TAP query result as `~astropy.table.Table` result.to_qtable : `~astropy.table.QTable` TAP query result as `~astropy.table.QTable` """ log.debug(f'TAP query: {query}') return, language='ADQL', maxrec=maxrec)
[docs] @deprecated_renamed_argument(("selcols", "cache", "verbose"), ("columns", None, None), since="0.4.7") def query_region(self, coordinates=None, *, catalog=None, spatial='Cone', radius=10 * u.arcsec, width=None, polygon=None, get_query_payload=False, columns=None, verbose=False, cache=True): """ Queries the IRSA TAP server around a coordinate and returns a `~astropy.table.Table` object. Parameters ---------- coordinates : str, `astropy.coordinates` object Gives the position of the center of the cone or box if performing a cone or box search. Required if spatial is ``'Cone'`` or ``'Box'``. Ignored if spatial is ``'Polygon'`` or ``'All-Sky'``. catalog : str The catalog to be used. To list the available catalogs, use :meth:`~astroquery.ipac.irsa.IrsaClass.list_catalogs`. spatial : str Type of spatial query: ``'Cone'``, ``'Box'``, ``'Polygon'``, and ``'All-Sky'``. Defaults to ``'Cone'``. radius : str or `~astropy.units.Quantity` object, [optional for spatial is ``'Cone'``] The string must be parsable by `~astropy.coordinates.Angle`. The appropriate `~astropy.units.Quantity` object from `astropy.units` may also be used. Defaults to 10 arcsec. width : str, `~astropy.units.Quantity` object [Required for spatial is ``'Box'``.] The string must be parsable by `~astropy.coordinates.Angle`. The appropriate `~astropy.units.Quantity` object from `astropy.units` may also be used. polygon : list, [Required for spatial is ``'Polygon'``] A list of ``(ra, dec)`` pairs (as tuples), in decimal degrees, outlining the polygon to search in. It can also be a list of `astropy.coordinates` object or strings that can be parsed by `astropy.coordinates.ICRS`. get_query_payload : bool, optional If `True` then returns the dictionary sent as the HTTP request. Defaults to `False`. columns : str, optional Target column list with value separated by a comma(,) Returns ------- table : A `~astropy.table.Table` object. """ if catalog is None: raise InvalidQueryError("Catalog name is required!") if columns is None: columns = '*' adql = f'SELECT {columns} FROM {catalog}' if spatial == 'All-Sky': where = '' elif spatial == 'Polygon': try: coordinates_list = [parse_coordinates(coord).icrs for coord in polygon] except TypeError: # to handle the input cases that worked before try: coordinates_list = [SkyCoord(*coord).icrs for coord in polygon] except u.UnitTypeError: warnings.warn("Polygon endpoints are being interpreted as " "RA/Dec pairs specified in decimal degree units.") coordinates_list = [SkyCoord(*coord, unit='deg').icrs for coord in polygon] coordinates_str = [f'{coord.ra.deg},{coord.dec.deg}' for coord in coordinates_list] where = (" WHERE CONTAINS(POINT('ICRS',ra,dec)," f"POLYGON('ICRS',{','.join(coordinates_str)}))=1") else: coords_icrs = parse_coordinates(coordinates).icrs ra, dec = coords_icrs.ra.deg, coords_icrs.dec.deg if spatial == 'Cone': if isinstance(radius, str): radius = Angle(radius) where = (" WHERE CONTAINS(POINT('ICRS',ra,dec)," f"CIRCLE('ICRS',{ra},{dec},{}))=1") elif spatial == 'Box': if isinstance(width, str): width = Angle(width) where = (" WHERE CONTAINS(POINT('ICRS',ra,dec)," f"BOX('ICRS',{ra},{dec},{},{}))=1") else: raise ValueError("Unrecognized spatial query type. Must be one of " "'Cone', 'Box', 'Polygon', or 'All-Sky'.") adql += where if get_query_payload: return adql response = self.query_tap(query=adql) return response.to_table()
[docs] @deprecated_renamed_argument("cache", None, since="0.4.7") def list_catalogs(self, full=False, cache=False): """ Return information of available IRSA catalogs. Parameters ---------- full : bool If True returns the full schema VOTable. If False returns a dictionary of the table names and their description. """ tap_tables = Irsa.query_tap("SELECT * FROM TAP_SCHEMA.tables") if full: return tap_tables else: return {tap_table['table_name']: tap_table['description'] for tap_table in tap_tables}
# TODO, deprecate this as legacy
[docs] def print_catalogs(self): catalogs = self.list_catalogs() for catname in catalogs: print("{:30s} {:s}".format(catname, catalogs[catname]))
Irsa = IrsaClass()