Source code for astroquery.jplhorizons

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst


:author: Michael Mommert (

from astropy import config as _config

[docs]class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for `astroquery.jplhorizons`. """ # server settings horizons_server = _config.ConfigItem( '', 'JPL Horizons') # implement later: sbdb_server = '' timeout = _config.ConfigItem( 30, 'Time limit for connecting to JPL servers.') # JPL Horizons settings # quantities queried in ephemerides query (see # # default: all quantities eph_quantities = ('1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,' '21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,' '38,39,40,41,42,43') # provide column names and units for each queried quantity for different # query modes eph_columns = {'targetname': ('targetname', '---'), 'Date__(UT)__HR:MN': ('datetime_str', '---'), 'Date__(UT)__HR:MN:SS': ('datetime_str', '---'), 'Date__(UT)__HR:MN:SC.fff': ('datetime_str', '---'), 'Date_________JDUT': ('datetime_jd', 'd'), 'H': ('H', 'mag'), 'G': ('G', '---'), 'M1': ('M1', 'mag'), 'M2': ('M2', 'mag'), 'k1': ('k1', '---'), 'k2': ('k2', '---'), 'phasecoeff': ('phasecoeff', 'mag/deg'), 'solar_presence': ('solar_presence', '---'), 'flags': ('flags', '---'), 'R.A._(ICRF/J2000.0)': ('RA', 'deg'), 'DEC_(ICRF/J2000.0)': ('DEC', 'deg'), 'R.A._(FK4/B1950.0)': ('RA', 'deg'), 'DEC_(FK4/B1950.0)': ('DEC', 'deg'), 'R.A._(a-app)': ('RA_app', 'deg'), 'DEC_(a-app)': ('DEC_app', 'deg'), 'R.A._(r-app)': ('RA_app', 'deg'), 'DEC_(r-app)': ('DEC_app', 'deg'), 'dRA*cosD': ('RA_rate', 'arcsec/hour'), 'd(DEC)/dt': ('DEC_rate', 'arcsec/hour'), 'Azi_(a-app)': ('AZ', 'deg'), 'Elev_(a-app)': ('EL', 'deg'), 'Azi_(r-appr)': ('AZ', 'deg'), 'Elev_(r-appr)': ('EL', 'deg'), 'dAZ*cosE': ('AZ_rate', 'arcsec/minute'), 'd(ELV)/dt': ('EL_rate', 'arcsec/minute'), 'X_(sat-prim)': ('sat_X', 'arcsec'), 'Y_(sat-prim)': ('sat_Y', 'arcsec'), 'SatPANG': ('sat_PANG', 'deg'), 'L_Ap_Sid_Time': ('siderealtime', '---'), 'a-mass': ('airmass', '---'), 'mag_ex': ('magextinct', 'mag'), 'APmag': ('V', 'mag'), 'T-mag': ('Tmag', 'mag'), 'N-mag': ('Nmag', 'mag'), 'S-brt': ('surfbright', 'mag/arcsec**2'), 'Illu%': ('illumination', 'percent'), 'Def_illu': ('illum_defect', 'arcsec'), 'ang-sep': ('sat_sep', 'arcsec'), 'v': ('sat_vis', '---'), 'Ang-diam': ('ang_width', 'arcsec'), 'Ob-lon': ('PDObsLon', 'deg'), 'Ob-lat': ('PDObsLat', 'deg'), 'Sl-lon': ('PDSunLon', 'deg'), 'Sl-lat': ('PDSunLat', 'deg'), 'Obsrv-lon': ('PDObsLon', 'deg'), 'Obsrv-lat': ('PDObsLat', 'deg'), 'Solar-lon': ('PDSunLon', 'deg'), 'Solar-lat': ('PDSunLat', 'deg'), 'SN.ang': ('SubSol_ang', 'deg'), 'SN.dist': ('SubSol_dist', 'arcsec'), 'NP.ang': ('NPole_ang', 'deg'), 'NP.dist': ('NPole_dist', 'arcsec'), 'hEcl-Lon': ('EclLon', 'deg'), 'hEcl-Lat': ('EclLat', 'deg'), 'r': ('r', 'au'), 'rdot': ('r_rate', 'km/second'), 'delta': ('delta', 'au'), 'deldot': ('delta_rate', 'km/second'), '1-way_LT': ('lighttime', 'minute'), 'VmagSn': ('vel_sun', 'km/s'), 'VmagOb': ('vel_obs', 'km/s'), 'S-O-T': ('elong', 'deg'), '/r': ('elongFlag', '---'), 'S-T-O': ('alpha', 'deg'), 'T-O-M': ('lunar_elong', 'deg'), 'T-O-I': ('IB_elong', 'deg'), 'MN_Illu%': ('lunar_illum', 'percent'), 'IB_Illu%': ('IB_illum', 'percent'), 'O-P-T': ('sat_alpha', 'deg'), 'PlAng': ('OrbPlaneAng', 'deg'), 'PsAng': ('sunTargetPA', 'deg'), 'PsAMV': ('velocityPA', 'deg'), 'Cnst': ('constellation', '---'), 'TDB-UT': ('TDB-UT', 'second'), 'ObsEcLon': ('ObsEclLon', 'deg'), 'ObsEcLat': ('ObsEclLat', 'deg'), 'r-ObsEcLon': ('ObsEclLon', 'deg'), 'r-ObsEcLat': ('ObsEclLat', 'deg'), 'N.Pole-RA': ('NPole_RA', 'deg'), 'N.Pole-DC': ('NPole_DEC', 'deg'), 'GlxLon': ('GlxLon', 'deg'), 'GlxLat': ('GlxLat', 'deg'), 'L_Ap_SOL_Time': ('solartime', '---'), '399_ins_LT': ('earth_lighttime', 'minute'), 'RA_3sigma': ('RA_3sigma', 'arcsec'), 'DEC_3sigma': ('DEC_3sigma', 'arcsec'), 'SMAA_3sig': ('SMAA_3sigma', 'arcsec'), 'SMIA_3sig': ('SMIA_3sigma', 'arcsec'), 'Theta': ('Theta_3sigma', 'deg'), 'Area_3sig': ('Area_3sigma', 'arcsec^2'), 'POS_3sigma': ('RSS_3sigma', 'arcsec'), 'RNG_3sigma': ('r_3sigma', 'km'), 'RNGRT_3sig': ('r_rate_3sigma', 'km/s'), 'DOP_S_3sig': ('SBand_3sigma', 'Hz'), 'DOP_X_3sig': ('XBand_3sigma', 'Hz'), 'RT_delay_3sig': ('DoppDelay_3sigma', 'second'), 'Tru_Anom': ('true_anom', 'deg'), 'r-L_Ap_Hour_Ang': ('hour_angle', '---'), 'L_Ap_Hour_Ang': ('hour_angle', '---'), 'phi': ('alpha_true', 'deg'), 'PAB-LON': ('PABLon', 'deg'), 'PAB-LAT': ('PABLat', 'deg') } elem_columns = {'targetname': ('targetname', '---'), 'JDTDB': ('datetime_jd', 'd'), 'Calendar Date (TDB)': ('datetime_str', '---'), 'H': ('H', 'mag'), 'G': ('G', '---'), 'M1': ('M1', 'mag'), 'M2': ('M2', 'mag'), 'k1': ('k1', '---'), 'k2': ('k2', '---'), 'phasecoeff': ('phasecoeff', 'mag/deg'), 'EC': ('e', '---'), 'QR': ('q', 'AU'), 'IN': ('incl', 'deg'), 'OM': ('Omega', 'deg'), 'W': ('w', 'deg'), 'Tp': ('Tp_jd', 'd'), 'N': ('n', 'deg/day'), 'MA': ('M', 'deg'), 'TA': ('nu', 'deg'), 'A': ('a', 'AU'), 'AD': ('Q', 'AU'), 'PR': ('P', 'd')} vec_columns = {'targetname': ('targetname', '---'), 'JDTDB': ('datetime_jd', 'd'), 'Calendar Date (TDB)': ('datetime_str', '---'), 'delta-T': ('delta_T', 's'), 'H': ('H', 'mag'), 'G': ('G', '---'), 'M1': ('M1', 'mag'), 'M2': ('M2', 'mag'), 'k1': ('k1', '---'), 'k2': ('k2', '---'), 'phasecoeff': ('phasecoeff', 'mag/deg'), 'X': ('x', 'AU'), 'Y': ('y', 'AU'), 'Z': ('z', 'AU'), 'VX': ('vx', 'AU/d'), 'VY': ('vy', 'AU/d'), 'VZ': ('vz', 'AU/d'), 'LT': ('lighttime', 'd'), 'RG': ('range', 'AU'), 'RR': ('range_rate', 'AU/d')}
conf = Conf() from .core import Horizons, HorizonsClass __all__ = ['Horizons', 'HorizonsClass', 'Conf', 'conf', ]