Source code for astroquery.jplsbdb

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst


:author: Michael Mommert (

from astropy import config as _config

[docs] class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for `astroquery.jplsbdb`. """ server = _config.ConfigItem( [''], 'JPL SBDB') timeout = _config.ConfigItem( 30, 'Time limit for connecting to JPL server.') # dictionary to replace JPL SBDB units with astropy units in data objects data_unit_replace = {'JED': 'd', 'TDB': 'd'} # dictionary for units of individual and unique fields field_unit = {'epoch': 'd', 'cov_epoch': 'd', 'moid': 'au', 'moid_jup': 'au', 'jd': 'd', 'sigma_t': 'min', 'dist_min': 'au', 'dist_max': 'au', 'v_rel': 'km / s', 'v_inf': 'km / s', 'unc_major': 'km', 'unc_minor': 'km', 'un_angle': 'deg', 'dt': 'yr', 'v_imp': 'km / s', 'h': 'mag', 'diam': 'km', 'mass': 'kg', }
# `dist` not listed here, as it is defined twice with different units # 'energy' not listed here: 'Mt' not available in astropy.units conf = Conf() from .core import SBDB, SBDBClass __all__ = ['SBDB', 'SBDBClass', 'Conf', 'conf', ]