Source code for astroquery.noirlab.core

Provide astroquery API access to OIR Lab Astro Data Archive (natica).

This does DB access through web-services.

import astropy.table
from ..query import BaseQuery
from ..utils import async_to_sync
from ..utils.class_or_instance import class_or_instance
from . import conf

__all__ = ['Noirlab', 'NoirlabClass']  # specifies what to import

[docs]@async_to_sync class NoirlabClass(BaseQuery): TIMEOUT = conf.timeout NAT_URL = conf.server ADS_URL = f'{NAT_URL}/api/adv_search/fasearch' SIA_URL = f'{NAT_URL}/api/sia/voimg' def __init__(self, which='file'): """Return object used for searching the NOIRLab Archive. Search either Files (which=file) or HDUs (which=hdu). Files will always be returned. But if which=hdu, individual HDUs must have RA,DEC fields. Typically this is only the case with some pipeline processed files. """ self._api_version = None if which == 'hdu': self.url = f'{self.NAT_URL}/api/sia/vohdu' elif which == 'file': self.url = f'{self.NAT_URL}/api/sia/voimg' else: self.url = f'{self.NAT_URL}/api/sia/voimg' super().__init__() @property def api_version(self): """Return version of Rest API used by this module. If the Rest API changes such that the Major version increases, a new version of this module will likely need to be used. """ if self._api_version is None: response = self._request('GET', f'{self.NAT_URL}/api/version', timeout=self.TIMEOUT, cache=True) self._api_version = float(response.content) return self._api_version def _validate_version(self): KNOWN_GOOD_API_VERSION = 2.0 if (int(self.api_version) - int(KNOWN_GOOD_API_VERSION)) >= 1: msg = (f'The astroquery.noirlab module is expecting an older ' f'version of the {self.NAT_URL} API services. ' f'Please upgrade to latest astroquery. ' f'Expected version {KNOWN_GOOD_API_VERSION} but got ' f'{self.api_version} from the API.') raise Exception(msg)
[docs] @class_or_instance def query_region(self, coordinate, radius=0.1, *, cache=True): """Query for NOIRLab observations by region of the sky. Given a sky coordinate and radius, returns a `~astropy.table.Table` of NOIRLab observations. Parameters ---------- coordinates : str or `~astropy.coordinates` object The target region which to search. It may be specified as a string or as the appropriate `~astropy.coordinates` object. radius : str or `~astropy.units.Quantity` object, optional Default 0.1 degrees. The string must be parsable by `~astropy.coordinates.Angle`. The appropriate `~astropy.units.Quantity` object from `~astropy.units` may also be used. Returns ------- response : `~astropy.table.Table` """ self._validate_version() ra, dec = coordinate.to_string('decimal').split() url = f'{self.url}?POS={ra},{dec}&SIZE={radius}&format=json' response = self._request('GET', url, timeout=self.TIMEOUT, cache=cache) response.raise_for_status() return astropy.table.Table(data=response.json())
Noirlab = NoirlabClass()