Source code for astroquery.solarsystem.neodys.core

from . import conf
from astroquery.query import BaseQuery

__all__ = ['NEODyS', 'NEODySClass']

[docs] class NEODySClass(BaseQuery): NEODYS_URL = conf.server TIMEOUT = conf.timeout
[docs] def query_object(self, object_id, *, orbital_element_type="eq", epoch_near_present=0): """ Parameters ---------- object_id : str Name of objects to be searched in NEODyS website orbital_element_type : str Sets coordinate system for results. eq - Equinoctial ke - Keplerian Defaults to Equinoctial which is given in higher precision. epoch_near_present : bool Sets the epoch to near present day. Otherwise defaults to near middle of the arc. Returns ------- Returns a dictionary with the following entries: KEP : float array The state vector in Keplerian elements. Units in au and deg. EQU : float array The state vector in Equinoctial elements. COV : float array The covariance matrix. COR : float array The correlation matrix for Keplerian. MJD : str array The Mean Julian date, and the time scale used. MAG : float array The absolute magnitude (H) and slope parameter (G) Raises ------ ValueError If input parameters are invalid. RuntimeError If connection to website fails. """ COV = [] COR = [] if orbital_element_type != 'ke' and orbital_element_type != 'eq': raise ValueError("OrbitElementType must be ke or eq") object_url = f'{self.NEODYS_URL}/{object_id}.{orbital_element_type}{epoch_near_present}' response = self._request('GET', object_url, timeout=self.TIMEOUT) response.raise_for_status() ascii_text = (response.text).split('\n') results = {} for line in ascii_text: if 'KEP' in line: results["Keplerian State Vector"] = [float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]] if 'EQU' in line: results["Equinoctial State Vector"] = [float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]] if 'MJD' in line: results["Mean Julian Date"] = line.split()[1:] if 'MAG' in line: results["Magnitude"] = [float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]] if 'COV' in line: COV.extend([float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]]) if 'COR' in line: COR.extend([float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]]) results["Covariance Matrix"] = COV results["Keplerian Correlation Matrix"] = COR results["URL"] = object_url return results
NEODyS = NEODySClass()