Source code for astroquery.utils.class_or_instance

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
Helper class that can be used to decorate instance
methods of a class so that they can be called either as a class method
or as instance methods.
import functools

__all__ = ["class_or_instance"]

[docs] class class_or_instance: def __init__(self, fn): self.fn = fn if hasattr(fn, '__doc__'): self.__doc__ = fn.__doc__ else: self.__doc__ = "" def __get__(self, obj, cls): def f(*args, **kwds): if obj is not None: return self.fn(obj, *args, **kwds) else: return self.fn(cls, *args, **kwds) functools.update_wrapper(f, self.fn) return f
class property_class_or_instance(property): def __get__(self, obj, cls): if obj is not None: return self.fget(obj) else: return self.fget(cls) def __set__(self, *args): raise ValueError("Setters don't work.")