Source code for astroquery.utils.process_asyncs

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
Process all "async" methods into direct methods.
import textwrap
import functools
from .class_or_instance import class_or_instance
from .docstr_chompers import remove_sections

[docs] def async_to_sync(cls): """ Convert all query_x_async methods to query_x methods (see for help understanding) """ def create_method(async_method_name): @class_or_instance def newmethod(self, *args, **kwargs): verbose = kwargs.pop('verbose', False) response = getattr(self, async_method_name)(*args, **kwargs) if kwargs.get('get_query_payload') or kwargs.get('field_help'): return response result = self._parse_result(response, verbose=verbose) self.table = result return result return newmethod methods = list(cls.__dict__.keys()) for k in list(methods): newmethodname = k.replace("_async", "") if 'async' in k and newmethodname not in methods: newmethod = create_method(k) newmethod.fn.__doc__ = async_to_sync_docstr( getattr(cls, k).__doc__) newmethod.fn.__name__ = newmethodname newmethod.__name__ = newmethodname functools.update_wrapper(newmethod, newmethod.fn) setattr(cls, newmethodname, newmethod) return cls
def async_to_sync_docstr(doc, *, returntype='table'): """ Strip of the "Returns" component of a docstr and replace it with "Returns a table" code """ object_dict = {'table': '~astropy.table.Table', 'fits': '', 'dict': 'dict'} firstline = ("Queries the service and returns a {rt} object.\n" .format(rt=returntype)) vowels = 'aeiou' vowels += vowels.upper() n = 'n' if object_dict[returntype][0] in vowels else '' returnstr = """ Returns ------- {rtype} : A{n} `{ot}` object. """.format(rtype=returntype, n=n, ot=object_dict[returntype]).lstrip('\n') # all docstrings have a blank first line # strip it out, so that we can prepend outlines = remove_sections(doc.lstrip('\n'), sections=['Returns', ]) # then the '' here is to add back the blank line newdoc = "\n".join( ['', firstline] + outlines + [textwrap.dedent(returnstr)]) return newdoc