Source code for astroquery.utils.tap.model.taptable

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
TAP plus

@author: Juan Carlos Segovia

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
European Space Agency (ESA)

Created on 30 jun. 2016


[docs] class TapTableMeta: """TAP table metadata object """ def __init__(self): """Constructor """ self.columns = [] = None self.schema = None self.description = None self.size_bytes = 0
[docs] def get_qualified_name(self): """Returns the qualified TAP table name. I.e. schema+table Returns ------- The the qualified TAP table name (schema+table) """ if '.' in return return f"{self.schema}.{}"
[docs] def add_column(self, tap_column): """Adds a table TAP column Parameters ---------- tap_column : TAP Column object, mandatory table TAP column """ self.columns.append(tap_column)
def __str__(self): return f"TAP Table name: {self.get_qualified_name()}" \ f"\nDescription: {self.description}" \ f"\nSize (bytes): {self.size_bytes}" \ f"\nNum. columns: {len(self.columns)}"