Source code for astroquery.vamdc.core

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

import os.path
import warnings

from ..utils.process_asyncs import async_to_sync
from ..query import BaseQuery
from . import conf
from . load_species_table import species_lookuptable
from astropy.utils.decorators import deprecated

__doctest_skip__ = ['VamdcClass.*']

[docs] @deprecated('0.4.2', 'the vamdc astroquery module relies on an unmaintained library and is' 'considered deprecated until completely refactored or upstream' 'is stablised.') @async_to_sync class VamdcClass(BaseQuery): TIMEOUT = conf.timeout CACHE_LOCATION = conf.cache_location def __init__(self, doimport=True): super().__init__() if not doimport: # this is a hack to allow the docstrings to be produced without # importing the necessary modules return from vamdclib import nodes as vnodes from vamdclib import request as vrequest from vamdclib import results as vresults from vamdclib import specmodel self._vnodes = vnodes self._vrequest = vrequest self._vresults = vresults self._nl = vnodes.Nodelist() self._cdms = self._nl.findnode('cdms') self.specmodel = specmodel @property def species_lookuptable(self, cache=True): """ As a property, you can't turn off caching.... """ if not hasattr(self, '_lut'): self._lut = species_lookuptable(cache=cache) return self._lut
[docs] def query_molecule(self, molecule_name, chem_re_flags=0, cache=True): """ Query for the VAMDC data for a specific molecule Parameters ---------- molecule_name: str The common name (including unicode characters) or the ordinary molecular formula (e.g., CH3OH for Methanol) of the molecule. chem_re_flags: int The re (regular expression) flags for comparison of the molecule name with the lookuptable keys cache: bool Use the astroquery cache to store/recover the result Returns ------- result: ``vamdclib.request.Result`` A vamdclib Result object that has a data attribute. The result object has dictionary-like entries but has more functionality built on top of that """ myhash = "{0}_re{1}".format(molecule_name, chem_re_flags) myhashpath = os.path.join(self.CACHE_LOCATION, myhash) if os.path.exists(myhashpath) and cache: with open(myhashpath, 'rb') as fh: xml = result = self._vresults.Result(xml=xml) result.populate_model() else: species_id_dict = self.species_lookuptable.find(molecule_name, flags=chem_re_flags) if len(species_id_dict) == 1: species_id = list(species_id_dict.values())[0] else: raise ValueError("Too many species matched: {0}" .format(species_id_dict)) request = self._vrequest.Request(node=self._cdms) query_string = "SELECT ALL WHERE VAMDCSpeciesID='%s'" % species_id request.setquery(query_string) result = request.dorequest() if cache: with open(myhashpath, 'wb') as fh: xml = fh.write(result.Xml) return result
# example use of specmodel; return to this later... # Q = self.specmodel.calculate_partitionfunction(['States'], # temperature=tex)[species_id] try: Vamdc = VamdcClass() except ImportError: warnings.warn("vamdclib could not be imported; the vamdc astroquery module " "will not work") Vamdc = VamdcClass(doimport=False)