Source code for astroquery.vo_conesearch.exceptions

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
"""Exceptions related to Virtual Observatory (VO)."""

__all__ = ['BaseVOError', 'VOSError', 'MissingCatalog', 'DuplicateCatalogName',
           'DuplicateCatalogURL', 'InvalidAccessURL', 'ConeSearchError']

[docs] class BaseVOError(Exception): # pragma: no cover """Base class for VO exceptions.""" pass
[docs] class VOSError(BaseVOError): # pragma: no cover """General VO service exception.""" pass
[docs] class MissingCatalog(VOSError): # pragma: no cover """VO catalog is missing.""" pass
[docs] class DuplicateCatalogName(VOSError): # pragma: no cover """VO catalog of the same title already exists.""" pass
[docs] class DuplicateCatalogURL(VOSError): # pragma: no cover """VO catalog of the same access URL already exists.""" pass
[docs] class InvalidAccessURL(VOSError): # pragma: no cover """Invalid access URL.""" pass
[docs] class ConeSearchError(BaseVOError): # pragma: no cover """General Cone Search exception.""" pass