astroquery.sha.query(coord=None, ra=None, dec=None, size=None, naifid=None, pid=None, reqkey=None, dataset=2, verbosity=3, return_response=False, return_payload=False)[source]

Query the Spitzer Heritage Archive (SHA).

Four query types are valid to search by position, NAIFID, PID, and ReqKey:

position -> search a region
naifid   -> NAIF ID, which is a unique number allocated to solar
            system objects (e.g. planets, asteroids, comets,
            spacecraft) by the NAIF at JPL.
pid      -> program ID
reqkey   -> AOR ID: Astronomical Observation Request ID

For a valid query, enter only parameters related to a single query type:

position -> ra, dec, size
naifid   -> naifid
pid      -> pid
reqkey   -> reqkey
coord : astropy.coordinates.builtin_systems

Astropy coordinate object. (query_type = ‘position’)

ra : number

Right ascension in degrees, alternative to using coord. (query_type = ‘position’)

dec : number

Declination in degrees, alternative to using coord. (query_type = ‘position’)

size : number

Region size in degrees. (query_type = ‘position’)

naifid : number

NAIF ID. (query_type = ‘naifid’)

pid : number

Program ID. (query_type = ‘pid’)

reqkey : number

Astronomical Observation Request ID. (query_type = ‘reqkey’)

dataset : number, default 2

Data set. Valid options:

1 -> BCD data
2 -> PBCD data
verbosity : number, default 3

Verbosity level, controls the number of columns to output.

table : Table


For column descriptions, metadata, and other information visit the SHA query API help page


Position query using an astropy coordinate object

>>> import astropy.coordinates as coord
>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> from astroquery import sha
>>> pos_t = sha.query(coord=coord.SkyCoord(ra=163.6136, dec=-11.784,
... unit=(u.degree, u.degree)), size=0.5)

Position query with optional ra and dec parameters

>>> pos_t = sha.query(ra=163.6136, dec=-11.784, size=0.5)

NAIFID query

>>> nid_t = sha.query(naifid=2003226)

PID query

>>> pid_t = sha.query(pid=30080)

ReqKey query

>>> rqk_t = sha.query(reqkey=21641216)