Full Changelog

0.4.6 (unreleased)

New Tools and Services

Service fixes and enhancements

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

0.4.5 (2021-12-24)

New Tools and Services


  • New module to provide access to eJWST Science Archive metadata and datasets. [#2140, #2238]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • Add option to retrieve_data from an earlier archive query. [#1614]


  • Fix result parsing issues by disabling caching of failed queries. [#2253]


  • Fix URL for individual spectrum file download in recent data releases. [#2214]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

  • Adding --alma-site pytest option for testing to have a control over which specific site to test. [#2224]

  • The function astroquery.utils.download_list_of_fitsfiles() has been deprecated. [#2247]


  • Changing the default verbosity of TapPlus to False. [#2228]

0.4.4 (2021-11-17)

New Tools and Services


  • Added Solar System Object functionality. [#2106]


  • New namespace for IPAC services. [#2131]


  • Molecular line catalog query tool provides an interface to the Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy. [#2143]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • Add ability to stage and download non image data which have been found through the CASDA obscore table. [#2158]


  • The bug which caused changing the MAIN_GAIA_TABLE option to have no effect has been fixed. [#2153]


  • Keyword ‘file_format’ is added to get_image_list to enable obtaining links to non-fits file formats, too. [#2217]


  • Updated to use v1.0 of the new JPL Horizons API released 2021-09-15. Included in this update, the default reference system is changed from J2000 to ICRF, following API documentation. [#2154]

  • Query id_type behavior has changed:
    • 'majorbody' and 'id' have been removed and the equivalent functionality replaced with None. None implements the Horizons default, which is to search for major bodies first, then fall back to a small body search when no matches are found. Horizons does not have a major body only search. [#2161]

    • The default value was 'smallbody' but it is now None, which follows Horizons’s default behavior. [#2161]

  • Fix changes in column names that resulted KeyErrors. [#2202]


  • JPLSpec now raises an EmptyResponseError if the returned result is empty. The API for JPLspec’s lookup_table.find function returns a dictionary instead of values (for compatibility w/CDMS). [#2144]


  • Fix result parsing issues by disabling caching of failed queries. [#2187]

  • Fix parsing of non-ascii bibcode responses. [#2200]


  • Splatalogue table merging can now handle unmasked columns. [#2136]


  • It is now possible to specify ‘galatic’ centers in region queries to have box queries oriented along the galactic axes. [#2152]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

  • Versions of astropy <4 and numpy <1.16 are no longer supported. [#2163]


  • As part of the namespace restructure, now modules for the IPAC archives are avalable as: ipac.irsa, ipac.ned, and ipac.nexsci. Additional services have also been moved to their parent organisations’ namespace. Acces from the top namespace have been deprecated for the following modules: ibe, irsa, irsa_dust, nasa_exoplanet_archive, ned, sha. [#2131]

0.4.3 (2021-07-07)

New Tools and Services


  • Download by observation id or source name. [#2078]

  • Added custom ADQL and TAP+ functionality. [#2078]

  • Enabled download of INTEGRAL data products. [#2105]


  • Module added to perform a cone search based on a set of criteria. [#1855]


  • Adding the extraction epic light curves and spectra. [#2017]


  • Add alternative instance of HEASARC Server, maintained by INTEGRAL Science Data Center. [#1988]


  • Making module compatible with the NASA Exoplanet Archive 2.0 using TAP. release. Support for querying old tables (exoplanets, compositepars, and exomultpars) has been dropped. [#2067]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • Change URL to https. [#2088]


  • Fixed the generation of files with wrong extension. [#2017]

  • Use astroquery downloader tool to get progressbar, caching, and prevent memory leaks. [#2087]


  • Changed default of Gaia TAP Plus interface to instantiate silently. [#2085]


  • Added posibility to query limited time range. [#1988]


  • Doubling default timeout to 120 seconds. [#2108]

  • Change URL to https. [#2108]


  • Adding cache kwarg to the class methods to be able to control the use of local cache. [#2092]

  • Making optional kwargs keyword only. [#2092]


  • Change URL to https. [#2108]

  • A NoResultsWarning is now returned when there is return of any empty table. [#1837]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

  • Fixed progressbar download to report the correct downloaded amount. [#2091]

  • Dropping Python 3.6 support. [#2102]

0.4.2 (2021-05-14)

New Tools and Services


  • New module HIPS2fits to provide access to fits/jpg/png image cutouts from a HiPS + a WCS. [#1734]


  • New module to access ESA ISO mission. [#1914]


  • New method get_epic_images is added to extract EPIC images from tarballs. [#1759]

  • New method get_epic_metadata is added to download EPIC sources metadata. [#1814]


  • Added Zcut functionality to astroquery [#1911]


  • New module to access the Spanish Virtual Observatory Filter Profile List. [#1498]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • The archive query interface has been deprecated in favour of VirtualObservatory (VO) services such as TAP, ObsCore etc. The alma library has been updated accordingly. [#1689]

  • ALMA queries using string representations will now convert to appropriate coordinates before being sent to the server; previously they were treated as whatever unit they were presented in. [#1867]

  • Download mechanism uses the ALMA Datalink service that allows exploring and downloading entire tarball package files or just part of their content. [#1820]

  • Fixed bug in get_data_info to ensure relevant fields are strings. [#2022]


  • All ESASky spectra now accessible. [#1909]

  • Updated ESASky module for version 3.5 of ESASky backend. [#1858]

  • Added row limit parameter for map queries. [#1858]


  • Module added to query eHST TAP based on a set of specific criteria and asynchronous jobs are now supported. [#1723]


  • Fixed RA/dec table edit capability. [#1784]

  • Changed file names handling when downloading data. [#1784]

  • Improved code to handle bit data type. [#1784]

  • Prepared code to handle new datalink products. [#1784]


  • login() method to support authenticated sessions to the GOA. [#1780]

  • get_file() to support downloading files. [#1780]

  • fix syntax error in query_criteria() [#1823]

  • If QA and/or engineering parameters are explicitly passed, remove the defaults of notengineering and/or NotFail. [#2000]

  • Smarter defaulting of radius to None unless coordinates are specified, in which case defaults to 0.3 degrees. [#1998]


  • A NoResultsWarning is now returned when there is no matching rows were found in query. [#1829]


  • Used more specific exceptions in IRSA. [#1854]


  • Returns astropy quantities, rather than scaled units. [#2011]


  • Module has been removed after having been defunct due to upstream API refactoring a few years ago. [#2071]


  • Added Observations.download_file method to download a single file from MAST given an input data URI. [#1825]

  • Added case for passing a row to Observations.download_file. [#1881]

  • Removed deprecated methods: Observations.get_hst_s3_uris(), Observations.get_hst_s3_uri(), Core.get_token(), Core.enable_s3_hst_dataset(), Core.disable_s3_hst_dataset(); and parameters: obstype and silent. [#1884]

  • Fixed error causing empty products passed to Observations.get_product_list() to yeild a non-empty result. [#1921]

  • Changed AWS cloud access from RequesterPays to anonymous acces. [#1980]

  • Fixed error with download of Spitzer data. [#1994]


  • Fix validation of field names. [#1790]


  • The Splatalogue ID querying is now properly cached in the astropy cache directory. The scraping function has also been updated to reflect the Splatalogue webpage. [#1772]

  • The splatalogue URL has changed to https://splatalogue.online, as the old site stopped functioning in September 2020 [#1817]


  • Updated to UKIDSSDR11PLUS as the default data release. [#1767]


  • Deprecate module due to upstream library dependence and compability issues. [#2070]


  • Refactor module to support list of coordinates as well as several fixes to follow changes in upstream API. [#2012]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

  • HTTP requests and responses can now be logged when the astropy logger is set to level “DEBUG” and “TRACE” respectively. [#1992]

  • Astroquery and all its modules now uses a logger similar to Astropy’s. [#1992]

0.4.1 (2020-06-19)

New Tools and Services


  • A new ESA archive service for XMM-Newton access. [#1557]


  • Module added to access FIRST survey radio images. [#1733]


  • Module added to access the NOIRLab (formally NOAO) archive. [#1638]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • A new API was deployed in late February / early March 2020, requiring a refactor. The user-facing API should remain mostly the same, but some service interruption may have occurred. Note that the stage_data column uid has been renamed mous_uid, which is a technical correction, and several columns have been added. [#1644, #1665, #1683]

  • The contents of tarfiles can be shown with the expand_tarfiles keyword to stage_data. [#1683]

  • Bugfix: when accessing private data, auth credentials were not being passed to the HEAD request used to acquire header data. [#1698]


  • Add ability to stage and download ASKAP data. [#1706]


  • Fixed authentication and enabled listing of async jobs. [#1712]


  • New unzip parameter to control uncompressing the retrieved data. [#1642]


  • Allow for setting row limits in query submissions through class attribute. [#1641]


  • Allow for additional search terms to be sent to query_criteria and passed to the raw web query against the Gemini Archive. [#1659]


  • Fix for changes in HORIZONS return results after their 2020 Feb 12 update. [#1650]


  • Update the NASA Exoplanet Archive interface to support all tables available through the API. The standard astroquery interface is now implemented via the query_*[_async] methods. [#1700]


  • Fixed passing project_code to the query [#1720]


  • It is now possible to specify constraints to query_region() with the column_filters keyword. [#1702]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

  • Versions of astropy <3.1 are no longer supported. [#1649]

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the TOP statement from being properly added to a TAP query containing valid ‘n’. The bug was revealed by changes to the gaia module, introduced in version 0.4. [#1680]

  • Added new json keyword to BaseQuery requests. [#1657]

0.4 (2020-01-24)

New Tools and Services


  • Module added to access data from the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive. [#1505]



  • Module added to access the Gemini archive. [#1596]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • Add optional ‘columns’ parameter to select specific columns. [#1548]


  • Fix Skybot return for unumbered asteroids. [#1598]


  • Fix for changes in HORIZONS return results after their 2020 Jan 21 update. [#1620]


  • Add Kepler to missions with cloud support, Update get_cloud_uri so that if a file is not found it produces a warning and returns None rather than throwing an exception. [#1561]


  • Redefined the query API so as to prevent downloading of the whole database. Added two functions query_planet (to query for a specific exoplanet), and query_star (to query for all exoplanets under a specific stellar system) [#1606]


  • Added new ‘only_astronomically_observed’ option. [#1600]


  • query_region() now accepts service_url keyword and uses conf.pedantic and conf.timeout directly. As a result, URL, PEDANTIC, and TIMEOUT class attributes are no longer needed, so they are removed from ConeSearchClass and ConeSearch. [#1528]

  • The classic API conesearch() no longer takes timeout and pedantic keywords. It uses conf.pedantic and conf.timeout directly. [#1528]

  • Null result now emits warning instead of exception. [#1528]

  • Result is now returned as astropy.table.Table by default. [#1528]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions


  • Added timer functions. [#1508]

0.3.10 (2019-09-19)

New Tools and Services


  • Module added to interface to astrometry.net plate-solving service. [#1163]


  • Module added to access data at the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre. [#1354, #1486]


  • Module added hubble for accessing the ESA Hubble Archive. [#1373, #1534]


  • Added tables sharing, tables edition, upload from pytable and job results, cross match, data access and datalink access. [#1266]


  • Service miriade added, querying asteroid and comets ephemerides. [#1353]

  • Service skybot added, identifying Solar System objects in a given field at a given epoch. [#1353]


  • Addition of observation metadata query. [#1473]

  • Addition of catalogs.MAST PanSTARRS catalog queries. [#1473]


  • Functionality added to query observations database. [#1350]

Service fixes and enhancements


  • Fix some broken VOtable returns and a broken login URL. [#1369]

  • get_project_metadata() is added to query project metadata. [#1147]

  • Add access to the member_ous_id attribute. [#1316]


  • Apply MOCPy v0.5.* API changes. [#1343]


  • Try to re-authenticate when logged out from the ESO server. [#1315]


  • Fixing error handling to filter out only the query errors. [#1338]


  • Add refplane keyword to vectors_async to return data for different available reference planes. [#1335]

  • Vector queries provide different aberrations, ephemerides queries provide extra precision option. [#1478]

  • Fix crash when precision to the second on epoch is requested. [#1488]

  • Fix for missing H, G values. [#1333]


  • Fix for missing values. [#1333]


  • Update query_criteria keyword obstype->intentType. [#1366]

  • Remove deprecated authorization code, fix unit tests, general code cleanup, documentation additions. [#1409]

  • TIC catalog search update. [#1483]

  • Add search by object name to Tesscut, make resolver_object public, minor bugfixes. [#1499]

  • Add option to query TESS Candidate Target List (CTL) Catalog. [#1503]

  • Add verbose keyword for option to silence logger info and warning about S3 in enable_cloud_dataset(). [#1536]


  • Fix an error in one of the default keys, citations->citation. [#1337]


  • Fixed an upstream issue where js was included in returned data. [#1359]

  • Unescape raw HTML codes in returned data back into Unicode equivalents to stop them silently breaking Table parsing. [#1431]


  • Fix parameter validation allowing for hybrid telescope configuration. [#1283]


  • Update to SDSS-IV URLs and general clean-up. [#1308]


  • Support using the output values of find_catalog in get_catalog. [#603]

  • Fix to ensure to fall back on the default catalog when it’s not provided as part of the query method. [#1328]

  • Fix swapped width and length parameters. [#1406]


  • Add parameter area to restrict sky region considered. [#1476]

Infrastructure, Utility and Other Changes and Additions

  • HTTP user-agent now has the string _testrun in the version number of astroquery, for queries triggered by testing. [#1307]

  • Adding deprecation decorators to utils from astropy to be used while we support astropy <v3.1.2. [#1435]

  • Added tables sharing, tables edition, upload from pytable and job results, data access and datalink access to utils.tap. [#1266]

  • Added a new astroquery.__citation__ and astroquery.__bibtex__ attributes which give a citation for astroquery in bibtex format. [#1391]

0.3.9 (2018-12-06)

  • New tool: MPC module can now request comet and asteroid ephemerides from the Minor Planet Ephemeris Service, and return a table of observatory codes and coordinates. [#1177]

  • New tool CDS: module to query the MOCServer, a CDS tool providing MOCs and meta data of various data-sets. [#1111]

  • New tool JPLSDB: New module for querying JPL’s Small Body Database Browser [#1214]

  • ATOMIC: fix several bugs for using Quantities for the range parameters. [#1187]

  • CADC: added the get_collections method. [#1482]

  • ESASKY: get_maps() accepts dict or list of (name, Table) pairs as input table list. [#1167]

  • ESO: Catch exception on login when keyring fails to get a valid storage. [#1198]

  • ESO: Add option to retrieve calibrations associated to data. [#1184]

  • FERMI: Switch to HTTPS [#1241]

  • IRSA: Added selcols keyword. [#1296]

  • JPLHorizons: Fix for missing total absolute magnitude or phase coefficient for comets [#1151]

  • JPLHorizons: Fix queries for major solar system bodies when sub-observer or sub-solar positions are requested. [#1268]

  • JPLHorizons: Fix bug with airmass column. [#1284]

  • JPLSpec: New query service for JPL Molecular Spectral Catalog. [#1170]

  • JPLHorizons: JPL server protocol and epoch range bug fixes, user-defined location and additional ephemerides information added [#1207]

  • HITRAN: use class-based API [#1028]

  • MAST: Enable converting list of products into S3 uris [#1126]

  • MAST: Adding Tesscut interface for accessing TESS cutouts. [#1264]

  • MAST: Add functionality for switching to auth.mast when it goes live [#1256]

  • MAST: Support downloading data from multiple missions from the cloud [#1275]

  • MAST: Updating HSC and Gaia catalog calls (bugfix) [#1203]

  • MAST: Fixing bug in catalog criteria queries, and updating remote tests. [#1223]

  • MAST: Fixing mrp_only but and changing default to False [#1238]

  • MAST: TESS input catalog bugfix [#1297]

  • NASA_ADS: Use new API [#1162]

  • Nasa Exoplanet Arhive: Add option to return all columns. [#1183]

  • SPLATALOGUE: Minor - utils & tests updated to match upstream change [#1236]

  • utils.tap: Fix Gaia units. [#1161]

  • VO_CONESEARCH: Service validator now uses new STScI VAO TAP registry. [#1114]

  • WFAU: Added QSL constraints parameter [#1259]

  • XMATCH: default timeout has changed from 60s to 300s. [#1137]

  • Re-enable sandboxing / preventing internet access during non-remote tests, which has been unintentionally disabled for a potentially long time. [#1274]

  • File download progress bar no longer displays when Astropy log level is set to “WARNING”, “ERROR”, or “CRITICAL”. [#1188]

  • utils: fix bug in parse_coordinates, now strings that can be interpreted as coordinates are not sent through Sesame. When unit is not provided, degrees is now explicitely assumed. [#1252]

  • JPLHorizons: fix for #1201 issue in elements() and vectors(), test added

  • JPLHorizons: fix for missing H, G values [#1332]

  • JPLHorizons: warn if URI is longer than 2000 chars, docs updated

  • JPLSBDB: fix for missing value, test added

0.3.8 (2018-04-27)

  • New tool jplhorizons: JPL Horizons service to obtain ephemerides, orbital elements, and state vectors for Solar System objects. [#1023]

  • New tool mpc: MPC Module to query the Minor Planet Center web service. [#1064, #1077]

  • New tool oac: Open Astronomy Catalog API to obtain data products on supernovae, TDEs, and kilonovae. [#1053]

  • New tool wfau and vsa: Refactor of the UKIDSS query tool add full WFAU support. [#984]

  • ALMA: Adding support for band and polarization selection. [#1108]

  • HEASARC: Add additional functionality and expand query capabilities. [#1047]

  • GAIA: Default URL switched to DR2 and made configurable. [#1112]

  • IRSA: Raise exceptions for exceeding output table size limit. [#1032]

  • IRSA_DUST: Call over https. [#1069]

  • LAMDA: Fix writer for Windows on Python 3. [#1059]

  • MAST: Removing filesize checking due to unreliable filesize reporting in the database. [#1050]

  • MAST: Added Catalogs class. [#1049]

  • MAST: Enable downloading MAST HST data from S3. [#1040]

  • SPLATALOGUE: Move to https as old HTTP post requests were broken. [#1076]

  • UKIDSS: Update to DR10 as default database. [#984]

  • utils.TAP: Add tool to check for phase of background job. [#1073]

  • utils.TAP: Added redirect handling to sync jobs. [#1099]

  • utils.TAP: Fix jobsIDs assignment. [#1105]

  • VO_CONESEARCH: URL for validated services have changed. Old URL should still redirect but it is deprecated. [#1033]

0.3.7 (2018-01-25)

  • New tool: Exoplanet Orbit Catalog, NASA Exoplanet Archive [#771]

  • ESO: The upstream API changed. We have adapted. [#970]

  • ESO: Added ‘destination’ keyword to Eso.retrieve_data(), to download files to a specific location (other than the cache). [#976]

  • ESO: Fixed Eso.query_instrument() to use instrument specific query forms (it was using the main form before). [#976]

  • ESO: Implemented Eso.query_main() to query all instruments with the main form (even the ones without a specific form). [#976]

  • ESO: Disabled caching for all Eso.retrieve_data() operations. [#976]

  • ESO: Removed deprecated Eso.data_retrieval() and Eso.query_survey(). Please use Eso.retrieve_data() and Eso.query_surveys() instead. [#1019]

  • ESO: Added configurable URL. [#1017]

  • ESO: Fixed string related bugs. [#981]

  • MAST: Added convenience function to list available missions. [#947]

  • MAST: Added login capabilities [#982]

  • MAST: Updated download functionality [#1004]

  • MAST: Fixed no results bug [#1003]

  • utils.tap: Made tkinter optional dependency. [#983]

  • utils.tap: Fixed a bug in load_tables. [#990]

  • vo_conesearch: Fixed bad query for service that cannot accept ‘&&’ in URL. [#993]

  • vo_conesearch: Removed broken services from default list. [#997, #1002]

  • IRSA Dust: fix units in extinction by band table. [#1016]

  • IRSA: Updated links that switched to use https. [#1010]

  • NRAO: Allow multiple configurations, telescopes in queries [#1020]

  • SIMBAD: adding ‘get_query_payload’ kwarg to all public methods to return the request parameters. [#962]

  • CosmoSim: Fixed login service. [#999]

  • utils: upgrade prepend_docstr_noreturns to work with multiple sections, and thus rename it to prepend_docstr_nosections. [#988]

  • Vizier: find_catalogs will now respect UCD specifications [#1000]

  • ATOMIC: Added ability to select which rows are returned from the atomic line database. [#1006]

  • ESASKY: Added Windows support, various bugfixes. [#1001, #977]

  • GAMA: Updated to use the newer DR3 release. [#1005]

0.3.6 (2017-07-03)

  • New tool: MAST - added module to access the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. [#920, #937]

  • LAMDA: Add function to write LAMDA-formatted Tables to a datafile. [#887]

  • ALMA: Fix to queries and tests that were broken by changes in the archive. Note that as of April 2017, the archive is significantly broken and missing many data sets. [#888]

  • SIMBAD: “dist” is now available as a valid votable field. [#849] Additional minor fixes. [#932,#892]

  • SHA: fix bug with the coordinate handling. [#885]

  • turn_off_internet and turn_on_internet is not available any more from the main utils namespace, use them directly from utils.testing_tools. [#940]

  • Added the ‘verify’ kwarg to Astroquery.request to provide a workaround for services that have HTTPS URLs but missing certificates. [#928]

0.3.5 (2017-03-29)

  • New tool: Gaia - added module to access the European Space Agency Gaia Archive. [#836]

  • New tool: VO Cone Search - added module to access Virtual Observatory’s Simple Cone Search. This is ported from astropy.vo. [#859]

  • New utility: TAP/TAP+ - added Table Access Protocol utility and the ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC) extension. [#836]

  • Fix VizieR to respect specification to return default columns only [#792]

  • SIMBAD queries allow multiple configurable parameters [#820]

  • Add a capability to resume partially-completed downloads for services that support the http ‘range’ keyword. Currently applied to ESO and ALMA [#812,#876]

  • SIMBAD now supports vectorized region queries. A list of coordinates can be sent to SIMBAD simultaneously. Users will also be warned if they submit queries with >10000 entries, which is the SIMBAD-recommended upper limit. Also, SIMBAD support has noted that any IP submitting >6 queries/second will be soft-banned, so we have added a warning to this effect in the documentation [#833]

  • ALMA: Fix to always use https as the archive now requires it. [#814, #828]

  • ESASky: Fix various issues related to remote API changes. [#805, #817]

  • ESASky: Corrected Herschel filter indexing. [#844]

  • ESO: Fix picking issue with simple query_survey() queries. [#801]

  • ESO: Fix FEROS and HARPS instrument queries. [#840]

  • NRAO: Change default radius from 1 degree to 1 arcmin. [#813]

0.3.4 (2016-11-21)

  • New tool: basic HITRAN queries support [#617]

  • Fix #737, an issue with broken ALMA archive tables, via a hack [#775]

  • Correct HEASARC tool, which was sending incorrect data to the server [#774]

  • Fix NIST issue #714 which led to badly-parsed tables [#773]

  • NRAO archive tool allows user logins and HTML-based queries [#767, #780]

  • ALMA allows kwargs as input, and various small fixes [#785, #790, #782]

  • XMatch caching bug fixed [#789]

  • Various fixes to ESASky [#779, #772, #770]

  • New tool: VAMDC-cdms interface [#658]

  • Fix issue with exclude keyword in Splatalogue queries [#616]

0.3.3 (2016-10-11)

  • Option to toggle the display of the download bar [#734]

  • ESASKY - added new module for querying the ESASKY archive [#758, #763, #765]

  • Refactor Splatalogue and XMatch to use the caching [#747, #751]

  • Minor data updates to Splatalogue [#746, #754, #760]

  • Fix parsing bug for _parse_radius in Simbad [#753]

  • Multiple fixes to ensure Windows compatibility [#709, #726]

  • Minor fixes to ESO to match upstream form changes [#729]

0.3.2 (2016-06-10)

  • Update ESO tool to work with new web API [#696]

  • Added new instruments for ESO: ambient_paranal and meteo_paranal [#657]

  • Fix problem with listed votable fields being truncated in SIMBAD [#654]

  • SDSS remote API fixes [#690]

  • ALMA file downloader will skip over, rather than crashing on, access denied (HTTP 401) errors [#687]

  • Continued minor ALMA fixes [#655,#672,#687,#688]

  • Splatalogue export limit bugfix [#673]

  • SIMBAD flux_quality flag corrected to flux_qual [#680]

  • VIZIER add a flag to return the query payload for debugging [#668]

0.3.1 (2016-01-19)

  • Fix bug in xmatch service that required astropy tables to have exactly 2 columns on input [#641]

  • Fix NASA ADS, which had an internal syntax error [#602]

  • Bugfix in NRAO queries: telescope config was parsed incorrectly [#629]

  • IBE - added new module for locating data from PTF, WISE, and 2MASS from IRSA. See <http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/ibe/> for more information about IBE and <http://www.ptf.caltech.edu/page/ibe> for more information about PTF survey data in particular. [#450]

0.3.0 (2015-10-26)

  • Fix ESO APEX project ID keyword [#591]

  • Fix ALMA queries when accessing private data [#601]

  • Allow data downloads to use the cache [#601]

0.2.6 (2015-07-23)

  • ESO bugfixes for handling radio buttons [#560]

  • ESO: added SPHERE to list [#551]

  • ESO/ALMA test cleanup [#553]

  • Allow ALMA project view [#554]

  • Fix Splatalogue version keyword [#557]

0.2.4 (2015-03-27)

  • Bugfix for utils.commons.send_request(): Raise exception if error status is returned in the response. [#491]

  • Update for ALMA Cycle 3 API change [#500]

  • Added LCOGT Archive support [#537]

  • Refactored LAMDA to match the standard API and added a critical density calculation utility [#546]

0.2.3 (2014-09-30)

  • AstroResponse has been removed, which means that all cached objects will have new hashes. You should clear your cache: for most users, that means rm -r ~/.astropy/cache/astroquery/ [#418]

  • In ESO and ALMA, default to not storing your password. New keyword store_password=False. [#415]

  • In ESO, fixed a form activation issue triggered in ESO retrieve_data(), updated file download link triggered by server side change. More interesting, made username optional in login(): instead, you can now configure your preferred username. Finally, automatic login is now used by retrieve_data(), if configured. [#420, #427]

  • Bugfix for UKIDSS: Login now uses the correct session to retrieve the data [#425]

  • ALMA - many new features, including selective file retrieval. Fixes many errors that were unnoticed in the previous version [#433]

  • ALMA - add help method and pass payload keywords on correctly. Validate the payload before querying. [#438]

0.2.2 (2014-09-10)

  • Support direct transmission of SQL queries to the SDSS server [#410]

  • Added email/text job completion alert [#407] to the CosmoSim tool [#267].

  • ESO archive now supports HARPS/FEROS reprocessed data queries [#412]

  • IPython notebook checker in the ESO tool is now compatible with regular python [#413]

  • Added new tool: ALMA archive query tool http://astroquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/alma/alma.html [#411]

  • setup script and installation fixes

0.2 (2014-08-17)

  • New tools: ESO, GAMA, xmatch, skyview, OEC

  • Consistent with astropy 0.4 API for coordinates

  • Now uses the astropy affiliated template

  • Python 3 compatibility dramatically improved

  • Caching added and enhanced: the default cache directory is ~/.astropy/cache/astroquery/[service_name]

  • Services with separate login pages can be accessed

0.1 (2013-09-19)

  • Initial release. Includes features!