DACE (astroquery.dace)

This module let you query DACE (Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets) data. This project is developed at Observatory of Geneva and can be accessed online at https://dace.unige.ch

Getting started

Query radial velocities

If you need to get radial velocities data for an object you can do the following and get a Table :

>>> from astroquery.dace import Dace
>>> radial_velocities_table = Dace.query_radial_velocities('HD40307')
>>> radial_velocities_table.pprint(max_lines=5, max_width=120)  
   berv       berv_err ... date_night                                  raw_file
----------------- -------- ... ---------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
1.73905237267071      NaN ... 1998-11-13 coralie98/DRS-3.3/reduced/1998-11-13/CORALIE.1998-11-14T07:42:28.001.fits
1.30280483191029      NaN ... 1998-11-21 coralie98/DRS-3.3/reduced/1998-11-21/CORALIE.1998-11-22T07:21:45.001.fits
             ...      ... ...        ...                                                                       ...
-3.37421721287255      NaN ... 2014-03-31       harps/DRS-3.5/reduced/2014-03-31/HARPS.2014-03-31T23:53:00.821.fits
-3.32906204496065      NaN ... 2014-04-05       harps/DRS-3.5/reduced/2014-04-05/HARPS.2014-04-06T01:00:15.375.fits
Length = 600 rows


If you are repeatedly getting failed queries, or bad/out-of-date results, try clearing your cache:

>>> from astroquery.dace import Dace
>>> Dace.clear_cache()

If this function is unavailable, upgrade your version of astroquery. The clear_cache function was introduced in version 0.4.7.dev8479.


astroquery.dace Package

Dace API


Julien Burnier (julien.burnier@unige.ch)



DACE class to access DACE (Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets) data based in Geneva Observatory


Configuration parameters for astroquery.dace.