HITRAN Queries (astroquery.hitran)

Getting started

This module provides an interface to the high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database API (HITRAN). The current version of the database contains a compilation of spectroscopic parameters for 49 molecular species along with their most significant isotopologues. Using the hitran module you can search transitions for a particular molecule in a given wavenumber range.


This will download all transitions of the main isotopologue of water between the wavenumbers of 3400 and 4100 cm-1. The expected type for the parameters min_frequency and max_frequency is an AstroPy quantity. The data are returned as an Table instance.

>>> from astropy import units as u
>>> from astroquery.hitran import Hitran
>>> tbl = Hitran.query_lines(molecule_number=1,
                             min_frequency=0. / u.cm,
                             max_frequency=10. / u.cm)


astroquery.hitran Package

HITRAN Catalog Query Tool


Adam Ginsburg (adam.g.ginsburg@gmail.com)



Initialize a Hitran query class.