IRSA Image Server program interface (IBE) Queries (astroquery.ipac.irsa.ibe)

This module can has methods to perform different types of queries on the catalogs present in the IRSA Image Server program interface (IBE), which currently provides access to the 2MASS, WISE, and PTF image archives. In addition to supporting the standard query methods query_region() and query_region_async(), there are also methods to query the available missions (list_missions()), datasets (list_datasets()), tables (list_tables()), and columns (get_columns()).


If you are repeatedly getting failed queries, or bad/out-of-date results, try clearing your cache:

>>> from astroquery.ipac.irsa.ibe import Ibe
>>> Ibe.clear_cache()

If this function is unavailable, upgrade your version of astroquery. The clear_cache function was introduced in version 0.4.7.dev8479.


astroquery.ipac.irsa.ibe Package

IRSA Image Server program interface (IBE) Query Tool

This module contains various methods for querying the IRSA Image Server program interface (IBE).




Configuration parameters for astroquery.ipac.irsa.ibe.