Spitzer Heritage Archive (astroquery.ipac.irsa.sha)

Querying catalogs

There are four types of supported queries for the Spitzer Heritage Archive (SHA) module, searching by: position, NAIFID, PID, and ReqKey. Examples for each are shown below.

Using the standard imports:

>>> from astroquery.ipac.irsa import sha
>>> from astropy import coordinates as coord
>>> from astropy import units as u

Query with an astropy coordinate instance (preferred):

>>> pos_t1 = sha.query(coord=coord.SkyCoord(ra=163.6136, dec=-11.784,
... unit=(u.degree, u.degree)), size=0.5)

Query with the alternate ra and dec parameters:

>>> pos_t2 = sha.query(ra=163.6136, dec=-11.784, size=0.5)

Query by NAIFID:

>>> nid_t = sha.query(naifid=2003226)

Query by PID:

>>> pid_t = sha.query(pid=30080)

Query by ReqKey:

>>> # by ReqKey
>>> rqk_t = sha.query(reqkey=21641216)

Additional Documentation

For column descriptions, metadata, and other information visit the SHA query API help page.

Saving files to disk

Using the access URLs found in the SHA queries, the functions astroquery.ipac.irsa.sha.save_file writes the file to disk. To save a file:

>>> pid_t = sha.query(pid=30080)
>>> url = pid_t['accessUrl'][0].strip()
>>> sha.save_file(url)

or alternatively with a name and path specified:

>>> sha.save_file(url, out_dir='proj_files/', out_name='sha_file1')

The extension will automatically be added depending on the filetype.

Reading files into python

Given an access URL, astroquery.ipac.irsa.sha.get_file returns an appropriate astropy object, either a Table instance for tabular data, or PrimaryHDU instance for FITS files.

>>> pid_t = sha.query(pid=30080)
>>> url = pid_t['accessUrl'][0].strip()
>>> img = sha.get_file(url)


astroquery.ipac.irsa.sha Package

SHA Query Tool


Brian Svoboda (svobodb@email.arizona.edu)

This package is for querying the Spitzer Heritage Archive (SHA) found at: https://sha.ipac.caltech.edu/applications/Spitzer/SHA.


query(*[, coord, ra, dec, size, naifid, ...])

Query the Spitzer Heritage Archive (SHA).

save_file(url, *[, out_dir, out_name])

Download image to output directory given a URL from a SHA query.


Return object from SHA query URL.