MAGPIS Queries (astroquery.magpis)

Getting started

This module may be used to fetch image cutouts in the FITS format from various MAGPIS surveys. The only required parameter is the target you wish to search for. This may be specified as a name - which is resolved online via astropy functions or as coordinates using any of the coordinate systems available in astropy.coordinates. The FITS image is returned as an HDUList object. Here is a sample query:

>>> from astroquery.magpis import Magpis
>>> from astropy import coordinates
>>> from astropy import units as u
>>> image = Magpis.get_images(coordinates.SkyCoord(10.5*u.deg, 0.0*u.deg,
...                                                frame='galactic'))
>>> image   

[< at 0x4008650>]

There are some other optional parameters that you may additionally specify. For instance the image size may be specified by setting the image_size parameter. It defaults to 1 arcmin, but may be set to any other value using the appropriate Quantity object.

You may also specify the MAGPIS survey from which to fetch the cutout via the keyword survey. To know the list of valid surveys:

>>> from astroquery.magpis import Magpis
>>> Magpis.list_surveys()

The default survey used is ‘bolocam’. Here is a query setting these optional parameters as well.

>>> from astroquery.magpis import Magpis
>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> import astropy.coordinates as coord
>>> image = Magpis.get_images(coordinates.SkyCoord(10.5*u.deg, 0.0*u.deg,
...                                                frame='galactic'),
...                                                image_size=10*u.arcmin,
...                                                survey='gps20new')
>>> image  

[< at 0x4013e10>]


If you are repeatedly getting failed queries, or bad/out-of-date results, try clearing your cache:

>>> from astroquery.magpis import Magpis
>>> Magpis.clear_cache()

If this function is unavailable, upgrade your version of astroquery. The clear_cache function was introduced in version 0.4.7.dev8479.


astroquery.magpis Package

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