NASA ADS Queries (astroquery.nasa_ads)

Getting Started

This module provides an interface to the online SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System. Only the one-box modern search form is accessible.

Note that you need to acquire and provide an API access token. Create and/or sign into your account in the new ADS, then create and copy your API token from your account settings.. Provide your token in the module configuration (example shown below), in the ADS_DEV_KEY environment variable, or store it in a text file at ~/.ads/dev_key


Search works by specific identifier

>>> from astroquery import nasa_ads as na
# if you don't store your token as an environment variable
# or in a file, give it here
>>> na.ADS.TOKEN = 'your-token-goes-here'
# by default, the top 10 records are returned, sorted in
# reverse chronological order. This can be changed
# change the number of rows returned
>>> na.ADS.NROWS = 20
# change the sort order
>>> na.ADS.SORT = 'bibcode desc'
# change the fields that are returned (enter as strings in a list)
>>> na.ADS.ADS_FIELDS = ['author','title','abstract','pubdate']
# the "^" makes ADS to return only papers where Persson
# is first author
>>> results = na.ADS.query_simple('^Persson Origin of water around deeply embedded low-mass protostars')
>>> results[0].title
# to sort after publication date
>>> results.sort(['pubdate'])
#  get the title of the last hit
>>> title = results[-1]['title'][0]
# printout the authors of the last hit
>>> print(results[-1]['author'])


astroquery.nasa_ads Package



Magnus Vilhelm Persson (



set some parameters


Configuration parameters for astroquery.nasa_ads.