OGLE Queries (astroquery.ogle)

Getting started

The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment III (OGLE-III) stores information on the interstellar extinction towards the Galactic Bulge. The astroquery.ogle module queries the online extinction calculator and returns an Table instance with the same data. To run a single query using an astropy.coordinates instance use:

>>> from astropy import coordinates
>>> from astropy import units as u
>>> from astroquery.ogle import Ogle
>>> co = coordinates.SkyCoord(0*u.deg, 3*u.deg, frame='galactic')
>>> t = Ogle.query_region(coord=co)

Arguments can be passed to choose the interpolation algorithm, quality factor, and coordinate system. Multiple coordinates may be queried simultaneously by passing a list-like object of string/float values or a list-like object of astropy.coordinates instances. All of coordinates will be internally converted to FK5.

>>> # list of coordinate instances
>>> co_list = [co, co, co]
>>> t1 = Ogle.query_region(coord=co_list)
>>> # (2 x N) list of values
>>> co_list_values = [[0, 0, 0], [3, 3, 3]]
>>> t2 = Ogle.query_region(coord=co_list_values, coord_sys='LB')  

Note that non-Astropy coordinates may not be supported in a future version.


If you are repeatedly getting failed queries, or bad/out-of-date results, try clearing your cache:

>>> from astroquery.ogle import Ogle
>>> Ogle.clear_cache()

If this function is unavailable, upgrade your version of astroquery. The clear_cache function was introduced in version 0.4.7.dev8479.


astroquery.ogle Package

OGLE Query Tool


Brian Svoboda (svobodb@email.arizona.edu)

This package is for querying interstellar extinction toward the Galactic bulge from OGLE-III data hosted at.


If you use the data from OGLE please refer to the publication by Nataf et al. (2012).




Configuration parameters for astroquery.ogle.