Skyview Queries (astroquery.skyview)

Getting started

The SkyView service offers a cutout service for a number of imaging surveys.

To see the list of surveys, use the list_surveys method. Note that the list here is not necessarily up-to-date; if SkyView has added surveys recently, they will appear when you run this code:

>>> from astroquery.skyview import SkyView
>>> SkyView.list_surveys()  
 {'Allbands:GOODS/HDF/CDF': ['GOODS: Chandra ACIS HB',
                             'GOODS: Chandra ACIS FB',
                             'GOODS: Chandra ACIS SB',
                             'GOODS: VLT VIMOS U',
                             'GOODS: VLT VIMOS R',
                             'GOODS: HST ACS B',
                             'GOODS: HST ACS V',
                             'GOODS: HST ACS I',
                             'GOODS: HST ACS Z',
                             'Hawaii HDF U',
                             'Hawaii HDF B',
                             'Hawaii HDF V0201',
                             'Hawaii HDF V0401',
                             'Hawaii HDF R',
                             'Hawaii HDF I',
                             'Hawaii HDF z',
                             'Hawaii HDF HK',
                             'GOODS: HST NICMOS',
                             'GOODS: VLT ISAAC J',
                             'GOODS: VLT ISAAC H',
                             'GOODS: VLT ISAAC Ks',
                             'HUDF: VLT ISAAC Ks',
                             'GOODS: Spitzer IRAC 3.6',
                             'GOODS: Spitzer IRAC 4.5',
                             'GOODS: Spitzer IRAC 5.8',
                             'GOODS: Spitzer IRAC 8.0',
                             'GOODS: Spitzer MIPS 24',
                             'GOODS: Herschel 100',
                             'GOODS: Herschel 160',
                             'GOODS: Herschel 250',
                             'GOODS: Herschel 350',
                             'GOODS: Herschel 500',
                             'CDFS: LESS',
                             'GOODS: VLA North'],
  'Allbands:HiPS': ['UltraVista-H',
  'GammaRay': ['Fermi 5',
               'Fermi 4',
               'Fermi 3',
               'Fermi 2',
               'Fermi 1',
               'EGRET (3D)',
               'EGRET <100 MeV',
               'EGRET >100 MeV',
  'HardX-ray': ['INT GAL 17-35 Flux',
                'INT GAL 17-60 Flux',
                'INT GAL 35-80 Flux',
                'INTEGRAL/SPI GC',
                'RXTE Allsky 3-8keV Flux',
                'RXTE Allsky 3-20keV Flux',
                'RXTE Allsky 8-20keV Flux'],
  'IR:2MASS': ['2MASS-J', '2MASS-H', '2MASS-K'],
  'IR:IRAS': ['IRIS  12',
              'IRIS  25',
              'IRIS  60',
              'IRIS 100',
              'SFD Dust Map',
              'IRAS  12 micron',
              'IRAS  25 micron',
              'IRAS  60 micron',
              'IRAS 100 micron'],
  'IR:Planck': ['Planck 857',
                'Planck 545',
                'Planck 353',
                'Planck 217',
                'Planck 143',
                'Planck 100',
                'Planck 070',
                'Planck 044',
                'Planck 030'],
  'IR:WISE': ['WISE 3.4', 'WISE 4.6', 'WISE 12', 'WISE 22'],
                   'WMAP Ka',
                   'WMAP K',
                   'WMAP Q',
                   'WMAP V',
                   'WMAP W',
                   'COBE DIRBE/AAM',
                   'COBE DIRBE/ZSMA'],
  'Optical:DSS': ['DSS',
                  'DSS1 Blue',
                  'DSS1 Red',
                  'DSS2 Red',
                  'DSS2 Blue',
                  'DSS2 IR'],
  'Optical:SDSS': ['SDSSg',
  'OtherOptical': ['Mellinger Red',
                   'Mellinger Green',
                   'Mellinger Blue',
                   'H-Alpha Comp',
                   'SHASSA H',
                   'SHASSA CC',
                   'SHASSA C',
                   'SHASSA Sm'],
  'ROSATDiffuse': ['RASS Background 1',
                   'RASS Background 2',
                   'RASS Background 3',
                   'RASS Background 4',
                   'RASS Background 5',
                   'RASS Background 6',
                   'RASS Background 7'],
  'ROSATw/sources': ['RASS-Cnt Soft',
                     'RASS-Cnt Hard',
                     'RASS-Cnt Broad',
                     'PSPC 2.0 Deg-Int',
                     'PSPC 1.0 Deg-Int',
                     'PSPC 0.6 Deg-Int',
  'Radio:GHz': ['CO',
                'GB6 (4850MHz)',
                'VLA FIRST (1.4 GHz)',
                '1420MHz (Bonn)',
  'Radio:GLEAM': ['GLEAM 72-103 MHz',
                  'GLEAM 103-134 MHz',
                  'GLEAM 139-170 MHz',
                  'GLEAM 170-231 MHz'],
  'Radio:MHz': ['SUMSS 843 MHz',
                'TGSS ADR1',
  'SoftX-ray': ['SwiftXRTCnt', 'SwiftXRTExp', 'SwiftXRTInt', 'HEAO 1 A-2'],
  'SwiftUVOT': ['UVOT WHITE Intensity',
                'UVOT V Intensity',
                'UVOT B Intensity',
                'UVOT U Intensity',
                'UVOT UVW1 Intensity',
                'UVOT UVM2 Intensity',
                'UVOT UVW2 Intensity'],
  'UV': ['GALEX Near UV',
         'GALEX Far UV',
         'ROSAT WFC F1',
         'ROSAT WFC F2',
         'EUVE 83 A',
         'EUVE 171 A',
         'EUVE 405 A',
         'EUVE 555 A'],
  'X-ray:SwiftBAT': ['BAT SNR 14-195',
                     'BAT SNR 14-20',
                     'BAT SNR 20-24',
                     'BAT SNR 24-35',
                     'BAT SNR 35-50',
                     'BAT SNR 50-75',
                     'BAT SNR 75-100',
                     'BAT SNR 100-150',
                     'BAT SNR 150-195']}

There are two essential methods: get_images searches for and downloads files, while get_image_list just searches for the files.

>>> paths = SkyView.get_images(position='Eta Carinae',
...                            survey=['Fermi 5', 'HRI', 'DSS'])
|=========================================================================================================================| 371k/371k (100.00%)         0s
|=========================================================================================================================| 371k/371k (100.00%)         0s
|=========================================================================================================================| 374k/374k (100.00%)         0s
>>> print(paths)  
[[< object at 0x10ef3a250>], [< object at 0x10f096f10>], [< object at 0x10f0aea50>]]

Without the download:

>>> SkyView.get_image_list(position='Eta Carinae',
...                        survey=['Fermi 5', 'HRI', 'DSS'])  


If you are repeatedly getting failed queries, or bad/out-of-date results, try clearing your cache:

>>> from astroquery.skyview import SkyView
>>> SkyView.clear_cache()

If this function is unavailable, upgrade your version of astroquery. The clear_cache function was introduced in version 0.4.7.dev8479.


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