Astroquery utils (astroquery.utils)


astroquery.utils Package

Common non-package specific utility functions that will ultimately be merged into astropy.utils.


async_to_sync(cls) Convert all query_x_async methods to query_x methods
chunk_read(response[, chunk_size, report_hook])
chunk_report(bytes_so_far, chunk_size, …)
download_list_of_fitsfiles(linklist[, …]) Given a list of file URLs, download them and (optionally) rename them.
parse_coordinates(coordinates) Takes a string or astropy.coordinates object.
prepend_docstr_nosections(doc[, sections]) Decorator to prepend to the function’s docstr after stripping out the list of sections provided (by default “Returns” only).
send_request(url, data, timeout[, …]) A utility function that post HTTP requests to remote server and returns the HTTP response.
suppress_vo_warnings() Suppresses all warnings of the class
validate_email(email) E-mail address validation.


TableList(inp) A class that inherits from list but included some pretty printing methods for an OrderedDict of astropy.table.Table objects.


Table Access Protocol implementation. See TAP/TAP+ (astroquery.utils.tap)