Vamdc Queries (astroquery.vamdc)

Getting Started

The astroquery vamdc interface requires vamdclib. The documentation is sparse to nonexistent, but installation is straightforward:

pip install

This is the personal fork of the astroquery maintainer that includes astropy’s setup helpers on top of the vamdclib infrastructure. If the infrastructure is merged into the main vamdclib library, we’ll change these instructions.


If you want to compute the partition function, you can do so using a combination of astroquery and the vamdclib tools:

.. code-block:: python
>>> from astroquery.vamdc import Vamdc
>>> ch3oh = Vamdc.query_molecule('CH3OH')
>>> from vamdclib import specmodel
>>> partition_func = specmodel.calculate_partitionfunction(['States'],
>>> print(partition_func)
{'XCDMS-149': 1185.5304044622881}


astroquery.vamdc Package

VAMDC molecular line database


Conf Configuration parameters for astroquery.vamdc.