astroquery.vo_conesearch.vos_catalog.call_vo_service(service_type, catalog_db=None, pedantic=None, verbose=True, cache=True, kwargs={})[source]

Makes a generic VO service call.


Name of the type of service, e.g., ‘conesearch_good’. Used in error messages and to select a catalog database if catalog_db is not provided.


May be one of the following, in order from easiest to use to most control:

  • None: A database of service_type catalogs is downloaded from astroquery.vo_conesearch.conf.vos_baseurl. The first catalog in the database to successfully return a result is used.

  • catalog name: A name in the database of service_type catalogs at astroquery.vo_conesearch.conf.vos_baseurl is used. For a list of acceptable names, use list_catalogs().

  • url: The prefix of a URL to a IVOA Service for service_type. Must end in either ‘?’ or ‘&’.

  • VOSCatalog object: A specific catalog manually downloaded and selected from the database (see General VO Services Access).

  • Any of the above 3 options combined in a list, in which case they are tried in order.

pedanticbool or None

When True, raise an error when the file violates the spec, otherwise issue a warning. Warnings may be controlled using warnings module. When not provided, uses the configuration setting astroquery.vo_conesearch.conf.pedantic, which defaults to False.


Verbose output.


Use caching for VO Service database. Access to actual VO websites referenced by the database still needs internet connection.


Keyword arguments to pass to the catalog service. No checking is done that the arguments are accepted by the service, etc.


First table from first successful VO service request.


If VO service request fails.