VSA Queries (astroquery.vsa)

The Vista Science Archive (VSA; http://horus.roe.ac.uk/vsa/index.html) shares a common interface with the UKIDSS Queries (astroquery.ukidss) archive. Both are hosted by the Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU; www.roe.ac.uk/ifa/wfau; WFAU Queries (astroquery.wfau)). Please see the UKIDSS documentation pages for instructions and examples.


astroquery.vsa Package

VSA Image and Catalog Query Tool

Revision History

Refactored using common API as a part of Google Summer of Code 2013. Modified for VSA by @eztean

Originally contributed by

Thomas Robitalle (thomas.robitaille@gmail.com)

Adam Ginsburg (adam.g.ginsburg@gmail.com)


VsaClass([username, password, community, ...])

The VsaQuery class.


Configuration parameters for astroquery.vsa.