WFAU Queries (astroquery.wfau)

The Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU; hosts both the Vista Science Archive (VSA, VSA Queries (astroquery.vsa)) and the UKIDSS archive (UKIDSS Queries (astroquery.ukidss)). Please see the UKIDSS documentation pages for instructions and examples.


astroquery.wfau Package

WFAU Image and Catalog Query Tool

Revision History

The UKIDSS query tool was refactored using common API as a part of Google Summer of Code 2013. It was then refactored again to generically apply to any WFAU archives in late 2017.

Originally contributed by

Thomas Robitalle (

Adam Ginsburg (


clean_catalog(wfau_catalog[, clean_band, ...])

Attempt to remove 'bad' entries in a catalog.


BaseWFAUClass([username, password, ...])

The BaseWFAUQuery class.